Canon ir2020-001


Internal Components 2
Preventing the inappropriate connection of the Harness (during installation of the Power Supply-Q1)

If the Harness connector of the Power Supply-Q1 is wrongly connected to the connector (J103) of the Adjacent Highvoltage
Transformer PCB instead of the connector (J18) of the Power Supply PCB, the accessories will remain
without power even after the power has been turned on, showing the following symptoms:
The copier will not correctly recognize the presence of the Finisher-U1, not starting initialization when the power is
turned on and thus, not permitting the finisher functional setup. Starting a copy job in this condition will cause a jam
at the inlet to the finisher.
Inner 2Way Tray-E1
Regardless of how the tray is set up, all output will be delivered to the copier’s standard tray.
Duplex Unit-A1
When duplexing is started, the sheet will be discharged after copying on its one side, with the machine indicating a
jam message.
Cassette Feeding Module-K1/L1
When a copy job is started, a jam indication will be made without pickup.
Note: The Cassette Feeding Module-J1, however, is free of this symptom, as it need not to be supplied with power
from the Power Supply-Q1.

The connector (J18) of the Power Supply PCB and that (J103) of the High-Voltage Transformer PCB are identical
in shape, leading to wrong connection...

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