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COMPAQ Tablet PC TC1000 Maintenance and Service Guide

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1 Product Description
1.1 Models
1.2 Features
1.3 Clearing a Password
1.4 Power Management
1.5 Tablet PC External Components
1.6 Keyboard Components
1.7 Docking Station Components
1.8 Design Overview
2 Troubleshooting
2.1 Computer Setup and Diagnostics Utilities
Selecting Computer Setup
or Compaq Diagnostics
Selecting from the File Menu
Selecting from the Security Menu
Selecting from the Advanced Menu
2.2 Using Compaq Diagnostics
Obtaining, Saving, or Printing
Configuration Information
Obtaining, Saving, or Printing Diagnostic
Test Information
2.3 Troubleshooting Flowcharts
3 Illustrated Parts Catalog
3.1 Serial Number Location
3.2 Tablet PC System Major Components
3.3 Miscellaneous Cable Kit Components
3.4 Miscellaneous Plastics/Hardware Kit
3.5 Keyboard
3.6 Docking Station
3.7 Docking Station Components
3.8 Miscellaneous
4 Removal and Replacement Preliminaries
4.1 Tools Required
4.2 Service Considerations
Plastic Parts
Cables and Connectors
4.3 Preventing Damage to Removable Drives
4.4 Preventing Electrostatic Damage
4.5 Packaging and Transporting Precautions
4.6 Workstation Precautions
4.7 Grounding Equipment and Methods
5 Removal and Replacement Procedures
5.1 Serial Number
5.2 Disassembly Sequence Chart
5.3 Preparing the Tablet PC for Disassembly
5.4 Real Time Clock (RTC) Battery
5.5 Display Panel Assembly
5.6 Speaker Assembly
5.7 Digitizer Cable
5.8 System Board
5.9 Fan and Heat Sink
5.10 Modem Cable
5.11 Switch Board
5.12 Docking Station...

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