Commodore C128D Personal Computer System Guide

In C128 mode, the Commodore 128 Personal Computer provides
access to 128K of RAM and a powerful extended BASIC language
known as BASIC 7.0. BASIC 7.0—which offers over 140 commands,
statements and functions—has been created by Commodore to
provide better and easier ways to perform many sophisticated pro
gramming tasks, including those involving graphics, animation,
sound and music. C128 mode also provides both 40- and 80-column
output capabilities and full use of the 92-key keyboard. The keyboard
includes a numeric keypad in addition to Escape, Tab, ALPHA LOCK
and Help keys. A built-in machine language monitor allows you to
create and debug your own machine language programs. You can
use these programs in conjunction with a BASIC program. In C128
mode you can use a number of new peripheral devices from Com
modore, including,a new fast-serial disk drive, a mouse, RAM expan
sion modules, and a 40/80-column composite video/RGBI monitor.
And you can use alhstandard Commodore serial peripherals...

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